Judson Press 880882 Ministers Handbook

Judson Press 880882 Ministers Handbook
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Contains prayers and many helpful suggestions in the areas concerning four aread: (1) Worship in the church; (2) Helps for special occasions (e.g. The Lord's supper, Baptism, Ordination, etc); (3) Helps for Lives of people (The birth of children, Marriage, Death); and (4) Prayers for Pastoral Spiritual Growth.

  • Author - Tibbetts Orland
  • Publisher - Judson Press
Table of content
  • Helps for Worshipping
    • Preparing to Worship
    • Using Liturgy
    • Preparing the Church Music
    • Writing the Worship Service
  • Helps for Special Occasions in Worship
    • The Lord's Supper
    • The Ordinance of Baptism
    • Dedications in the Life of the Church
    • A Service for Licensing to the Ministry
    • A Model Service of Ordination
    • Models for Installation of Pastor
    • Commissioning Service for Lay Ministers/Missionaries
    • A Model Service for Anniversary Celebrations
    • Special Days or Seasons
  • Helps for Special occasions in the Lives of People
    • When a Baby is Born
    • At Graduation
    • When Young People Enter New Phases of Life
    • When Marriage Takes Place
    • When a Remarriage Takes Place
    • Renewal of Vows
    • When Sickness Strikes
    • When Death Comes
  • Prayers for Pastoral Spiritual Growth
    • Prayers for Personal Needs
    • Prayers for the Church
    • Prayers for the Community
  • Appendix 1: Helps for One Considering the Ministry
  • Appendix 2: When Retirement Comes
  • Appendix 3: Preparing Communion
  • Appendix 4: Baptism p. 219