Aura Cacia Body Soak, Clear - 18.5 Ounce

Aura Cacia Body Soak, Clear - 18.5 Ounce
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  • Body soak, clear
  • Unwind from your day with Aura Cacia Body Soak. These four new blends feature functional ingredients to provide you with a purposeful bath with all the necessary benefits
  • Clear: Clear your mind with this aromatic blend of sea salts, clearing eucalyptus and sweet ylang ylang essential oils, soothing green clay, and bamboo extract
  • Cleanse: Cleanse your body with this luxurious blend of pure essential oils, coconut shell charcoal and elemental Kaolin clay blended into marine salt
  • Soothe: Soothe yourself with a blend of sea salts with relaxing lavender and sweet marjoram essential oils, Kaolin clay, and oat powder
  • Recover: Recover your spirit with this blend of sea salts, ginger and lime essential oils, red clay, and pink Himalayan salt
  • Size - 18.5 Ounce
  • Item weight - 2 lbs