Great American Days GAD-NAT-900 Fly a Helicopter

Great American Days GAD-NAT-900 Fly a Helicopter
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Find out what it's like to pilot an amazing aircraft that can fly forwards, backwards, sideways or just hover on the spot as you take the controls for the ultimate airborne voyage of discovery. From the minute you take off to the second you land, helicopter flying is a graceful and unforgettable experience. Start with a ground briefing where you'll be given a lesson on the effects of control before putting on your headset ready for take off. Experience the rush of soaring to heights of up to 1000 feet with your hands at the controls of a Robinson R22. The views will amaze you and the feeling of total freedom that makes helicopter flying so addictive will live with you forever.


This experience lasts for 1 hour and includes a detailed ground briefing. After climbing into the helicopter with your instructor and climbing into the sky, you will take the controls. Flight time is typically 30 minutes.

Activity Restrictions
  • You should be aged 12 or over under 18s need parental, guardian consent and taller than 4ft. 10 in.
  • Helicopters have a weight limit of between 250 and 260 lbs.
  • Customers exceeding the weight limit may be accommodated, subject to an additional fee.
  • Flying is weather dependent.
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